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Massage & spa Services for san diego hotels

  • Spa Partnerships

  • Outsourced Management (Vendor Relationship)

  • Management Assistance (Training of in-house Spa Director)

  • Feasibility Studies / Consulting

  • Operational / Financial Improvement

  • Outsourced Human Resources / Staffing

  • Staff Training

  • Marketing, Website Design, Print Design

  • Under-Utilized Space Conversion

  • Linens, Uniforms, Oils, Etc.

  • Product Sales, Product White-Labels, Product Training

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Employee Handbooks / Best Practices

  • Wellness Events / Conventions / Break Out Services



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Bring in the team with Exquisite Wellness and we'll become a "department" within your hotel.  We understand brand standards, we understand guest needs, and we know spa operations. Let us focus on managing your key amenity so your team can focus on managing your hotel. 

  • Work with an experienced San Diego-based company

  • Lower the costs of operation

  • Reduced / Limited / Shared liability

  • We know Spa Human Resource Management and San Diego Compensation

  • Minimize your HR expense (benefits, vacation, PTO, etc.)

  • Forget about marketing and promotions (print and online)

  • Reduce turnover

  • Better overall level of service

  • Seasoned wellness staff

  • Lower technology costs

  • Leverage our shared resources (reception, management, employees)

  • Forget about dealing with uniforms

  • We'll work with you on how best to handle linens

  • Supplies? Oils? Products? Retail Sales? Check. Done.

  • All staff meet and exceed YOUR hotel's brand and operational requirements

  • Why hire a Spa manager for $50k-$60k plus benefits when you can have a turn-key team NOT on your payroll?!

Hotel spa Consulting 

staffing | branding | Operations


Looking to improve your spa operations? Do you have operational "pain-points", human resource headaches, or you're just not getting the financial results you know are possible? Let Exquisite Wellness work with your team to improve operations, re-train your staff, or simply assist as a vendor where necessary. Our San Diego-based team can consult in a professional, respectful manner either beyond the scenes or front-and-center based on YOUR goals.

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  • Spa Operational Evaluations

  • Staff Training

  • Staff Selection

  • FF&E Review & Improvement

  • Compensation Assessments

  • Space Allocation

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Spa Inspections (Secret Shopper)

  • Spa Menu Creation

  • Spa Product Identification / Improvement

  • Conceptional Development

  • Brand Development

  • Design Services

hotel spa buildout & Management


partner with exquisite and we'll build your spa

With our unique blend of creativity and real world experience Exquisite can created an experiential high value spa facility while improving profit lines and room stays.   While creating a highly couture guest experience and maintaining excellent hotel / property relations you will come to rely on the effortless relationship of a industry leading spa management company.  We will work with you to blend your brand standards with our top tier team that will sure to be the highlight of your amenities.  

  • Convert unused / underutilized "dead" space

  • Find new space for a wellness facility (Full Branded Spa, a "Hideaway", or Treatment Rooms only)

  • Create a new amenity with minimal investment and limited risk

  • Continue running your hotel while we focus on building a key amenity

mobile on-call wellness services for hotels

no onsite spa? leverage our mobile team


Exquisite Mobile Massage has lead the mobile industry in San Diego for on-demand in-room / on-site wellness services since 2007.  Our highly adaptable and reliable team has been working with corporations and hotels a as reliable alternative to fly-by-night businesses and the largely unregulated app-based independent contractor systems.

Our highly-vetted and trained therapists have proven our quality control and consistency through all of our corporate accounts. Leave massage and wellness services to us, the experts, to provide a professional, on-demand service for your guests.  Let us take the worry and liability off your hands with our vetted, licensed and insured team while providing a low-maintenance revenue stream through referral commissions.

  • Customized branded / white label website

  • Room / Folio Billing options

  • Online Booking System

  • Assigned Account Manager

  • Net 30 billing

  • Dedicated reservation line (client-facing)

  • Dedicated concierge line



COMPANY EVENTS | Onsite Chair Massage 

Exquisite Mobile Massage is a leading locally-based Corporate Wellness Company specializing in Onsite Corporate Chair Massage Programs, Event Massage Services and much more. We can bring something to the table that no other company can.

Our convenient on-line scheduling allows your employees to schedule a chair massage that works for their busy schedule.  Proven to improve focus and productivity while reducing  stress and injury, chair massage is a great way to improve your team's moral, health, and overall productivity.  Treat your team to a moment of true respite to invigorate and motivate. Contact Exquisite today to learn more or to schedule a free introductory chair massage event.

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